About Us

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E-Z Bail Bonds

E-Z Bail Bonds has been in business for 22 years in El Paso. Locally owned and operated by Jose Castaneda. Our experience and reputation in El Paso allow us to better serve you. Dealing with being in jail or knowing someone who is in jail can be stressful and may seem complicated. Let us help you.

Why E-Z Bail Bonds?

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All of our bond agents are bilingual; therefore, you’ll always be able to receive all information in the easiest language for anyone to understand fully.

Conveniently located catty-corner to the El Paso County Detention Facility, we are literally the nearest solution to your bail bond problems.

Whether you give us a call or sit down at our office, the entire process at E-Z Bail Bonds takes around 15 minutes. There are no lengthy processes with E-Z and after the bond is posted, it takes on average 2-4 hours for release. That means in times of trouble when you or someone you know ends up in jail, you can feel a sense of relief knowing they’ll be out in no time.


Surety Bonds

Our services go beyond bonds. We offer satellite booking with the county, free warrant checks, and warrant recall. Our service doesn’t end when the bond is posted. We keep track of your case until the end. Always remember, we are not lawyers, and therefore cannot offer any legal advice.

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Types of Bonds

A SURETY BOND is sometimes referred to as a BAIL BOND. These bonds are often used when the accused person cannot afford to pay the bond that is set by the officiating judge. A friend or relative contacts a bail agent, who is usually an employee of a surety company, which is a type of insurance company. These agents, or bondsmen, will appear in court with the accused and pledge to pay the full amount of money if the accused person does not make it to their court appearances.

E-Z Bail Bonds offers the following types of bonds:

Frequently Asked Question

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What are your hours of operation?

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Available if you call us or walk into our offices.

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What do I need?

You need a qualified co-signer and 10% of the bond as payment due immediately at the time of service.

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How long will it take for someone to get released after the bond is posted?

On average, 2-4 hours for inmate release. However, please understand this process might take longer because of the jail processing time that is beyond our control.

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What types of bonds do you work with?

Federal bonds, state bonds, municipal bonds, JP bonds, and civil bonds

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Where are we located?

Catty-corner from the El Paso Detention Facility at 700 E. Overland.

Contact Us

Be confident that any of our bond agents can help you answer any of the questions and concerns you might have:
Jose Castaneda, Norma de la Rosa, Robert Castaneda, Rosa Gomez,
Richard Gomez, Andy Alvarado